Thursday, July 31, 2008


Our sister website,, is all about affordable fashion. In making Wearfare, we realized that not enough people are aware the real top models in todays world. Not many people understand the business side to modeling, and not many people know who the model's are that you can see on billboards, in magazines and even on t.v. today! We're spreading the awareness of the modeling world, and providing accessibility to the masses. People are welcome to suggest profiles and such on their favourite models. We'll have different types of posts all relating to the modeling world, such as our first few:

Challenge: Based on the challenge's in America's Next Top Model, pictures of different models will be shown all portraying the challenge.

Next Up: The up-and-coming models you should be watching for.

Editorial: Which models are in the newest magazine editorials.

Model of the Month: The model who has shown the greatest work that month.

Headlines: Breaking model news.

Photo of the Week: Our favourite photo (from anywhere - editorials, backstage, runway, etc.)

Put Together: Model fashion style

Behind the Scenes: Pictures of the hi-jinks that ensues backstage at fashion shows.

Cover Girl: The model's featured on the covers of fashion (and non-fashion) magazines.

Stay tuned! There's more to follow! And please comment - wether they're negative or positive, they're so helpful to us. 

Tell your friends :)

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