Saturday, August 9, 2008

Challenge...Interaction w/ Men

Almost every cycle of ANTM has had some sort of challenge with guys - except ours has a lot less awkward drama in it, so it might be slightly more enjoyable! I also apologize for not knowing all of the males names, so if you happen to know who any of the "????"'s are, feel free to email me or comment! 

Eliminated last post: Irina Kulikova :(

Here are our models and their men (in order):

Gemma Ward - w/ Josh Hartnett, lovers adrift
Daria Werbowy - w/ Jake Gyllenhaal, the enthusiastic pair
Behati Prinsloo - w/????, the young, silent lovers
Julia Stegner - w/ ???? and ????, the "too many men, too little time" woman
Sasha Pivovarova - w/ Nate Nesbitt, the married couple

Who will be eliminated? Who will move on to the next round? Who knows! Stay tuned to see who packs their bags and goes home.

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