Saturday, September 13, 2008


- "Not-quite-so-thin" is in for models at NY Fashion Week: If model thin is always in, at least there were fewer protruding collar bones and ribs to be counted at New York Fashion Week.
Models were up to sizes 2 and 4 — not 0, according to Nian Fish, chair of a fashion designers health initiative. Designers rejected prepubescent 13-year-olds. And at least one super-thin model who had the audience talking a few seasons ago was noticeably absent.
"I think a lot of the direction from the designers has been a much healthier approach," (excerpt from the models blog)

Photos: not-quite-so-thin models Caroline Trentini (top) and Lisa Cant (bottom)

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Mimi said...

I think there were some really skinny models at these years NY fashion week but some one looked very normal.