Thursday, November 20, 2008

Challenge...Final Two!

It's a dead heat between the final two models. Almost every time. Sometimes you can actually tell who is going to win based on the judges comments and the final runway walks; some examples: Chantal tripped a stilt walker in Cycle 9. Obviously not going to win (especially since Tyra always favored Saleisha.) Jaslene was said to have the better body of work vs. Natasha. Obviously going to win (especially since Tyra wanted a more diverse girl to win.) But sometimes, it can be really hard to tell, often even seeming the opposite way; for example: Melrose had overwhelming praise for her last runway show and her body of work. Obviously going to win? Nope! CariDee won, even after the judges panned her runway walk and her attitude. Most of the time though, it's just a close call; some examples: Naima and Kahlen, Adrianne and Shannon, Yoanna and Mercedes, Eva and YaYa, Danielle and Joanie, etc.

So this time, we're requiring an ad campaign, a runway shot, a more natural, candid photo, a cover, and a high-fashion photo. 

Who will be our winner? Only time will tell (and your votes of course)!

Eliminated last post: Iekeliene Stange :( But congratulations on making it into the top 3! 

Here are our final two (in order): 
Our hardcore, kick-ass final two - pics 1-2
Jourdan Dunn - pics 3-5
Kasia Struss - pics 6-10

Who will be Mostly Model's Next Top Model? Check back to find out!

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