Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Put Together

Who better for our next segment of "Put Together" than the winner of the first cycle of Mostly Model's Next Top Model, Daria Werbowy! This Canadian beauty certainly has a signature style that stands out from a crowd, yet blends in seamlessly with the fashion crowd. She's a fashion inspiration of mine, but remember - while it's great to admire other people's style, its important not to copy their look completely, and adapt elements of their style into your own instead. Individuality is key!

1.) Daria combines her chunky-knit sweater with a checkered button-up for a chic lumberjack inspired look. 

2.) She uses the model staple (the little leather jacket) in an unconventional way - pairing it with a floral-print maxi dress.

3.) To easily dress up her long-sleeved tee and jeans, Daria throws on a shaggy fur vest to add interest to her outfit.

4.) Seen here with fellow model Raquel Zimmerman backstage at a Chanel show, Daria keeps her outfit climate-friendly by wearing a black zipper jacket over a long-sleeved pale grey sweater and a black bag which I assume is non other than Chanel. Also notice how perfectly the shows hair and make-up goes with her outfit?

5.) No, that's not her new haircut - it's just backstage at Lanvin. Here she wears a chain necklace and loose white tee over black skinny jeans, paired with a worn-in black leather jacket for a look that a toughened casual look.

6.) How to dress down a bustier dress covered in gold paillettes? Throw on your trusty shrunken leather jacket and a pair of opaque tights. Quintessential model hair not included :)

7.) Daria is the queen of adding one stellar item to give her outfit a completely different feel. Here she wears a plain white tee with grey skinny jeans, a long thin necklace and a sequined cardigan, to take her daytime look into late-night style.


Genevieve said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I'll continue to do the same to yours! I love the D&G dress on the model in the 2nd to the last photo.


shimu's holiday said...

Thanks for the comment. Daria Werbowy is absolutely beautiful. I really like your blog too. Would you like to swap link?

Niki's holiday

stylemagnet said...

I miss 2005 Daria! & thanks for the comment, my dear. Your blogs are great!