Monday, April 6, 2009

Challenge...Top Model Makeovers

Todays Challenge: Makeovers!

Every cycle has the famous makeover episode, and Mostly Model's Next Top Model is no exception. Just don't expect our girls to keep up their looks - this is a one post makeover only! Don't forget to comment on who you think should stay and who's just a hair away from elimination.

Last Weeks Challenge Winner: Erin Heatherton :)
Eliminated from the last post: Diana Moldovan :(

Bette Franke - Bushy Brunette
Vlada Roslyakova - Strawberry Strands
Maryna Linchuk - How High Can You Go?
Kim Noorda - Blunt and Boyish
Chanel Iman - Spunky, Punky, and Explosive
Abbey Lee Kershaw - Bored Bouffant
Natasha Poly - A Stroke of Genius
Erin Heatherton - Bleach Blonde Bangs
Hye Park - Louise Brooks 2.0

Who will be eliminated? Who will move on to the next round? Who knows! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

1 comment:

alter muffin said...

Again Vlada and i think Bette deserves another chance!:)