Friday, July 24, 2009


Heidi Klum has been accepted into Barbie's "Blonde Ambition" doll series which had included actresses Marilyn Monroe and Goldie Hawn. Klum is said to be actively involved in the design and wardrobe of her doll, which includes golden high-heels, her engagement ring, and a dress inspired by the brand that made her famous, Victoria's Secret.
Supermodel Elle Macpherson has been deemed "too old for mini dresses" by the U.K.'s Daily Mail. According the the paper, Macpherson, 46, has "saggy knee syndrome" due to "excessive sun exposure", and must learn to "embrace a wardrobe that consists of below-the-knee hemlines".
19 year-old model Jourdan Dunn is pregnant! Not just recently pregnant, but apparently 4-months along, with a due date in December. Consequently, she will most likely be missing from fashion week in September.


preppygoesrock said...

is she really pregnant? i thought it was krolina kurkova? this is so shocking!

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Precious said...

I think Elle Macpherson is gorgeous just the way she is