Thursday, October 9, 2008

Challenge... Candid Humour

True, this have never really been an ANTM challenge, but we wanted to make one up of our own! We always notice these candid, off-runway shots of these models, but never thought much of it until now. So here they are; our always entertaining models, in a different element. This is also our first tandem model photo, with Kasia and Anabela. Don't forget to comment on who you think should stay and who's bringing out the crickets.

Eliminated from the last post: Crystal Renn :(
Our models (in order):

Iekeliene Stange, the cat lover 
Irina Lazareanu, the hat tipper 
Jourdan Dunn, the flying model 
Kasia Struss (left) and Anabela Belikova (right), the muching twosome 
Coco Rocha, the shocker 

Who will be eliminated? Who will move on to the next round? Who knows! Stay tuned to see who packs their bags and goes home.

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