Thursday, October 2, 2008

Challenge... Extreme Beauty

In Cycle 10, the model hopefuls were photographed in an "extreme" beauty shoot, and today our already established models are doing the same. Don't forget to comment on who you think should stay and who's taken thing to a new extreme.

Eliminated from the last post: Lily Cole :(

Here's are our models stretched to the extreme (in order):

Jourdan Dunn - Darker Shades
Anabela Belikova - Clean Amy
Kasia Struss - Arch 'Em High
Crystal Renn - Food Fight
Irina Lazareanu - Raccoon Eyes
Iekeliene Stange - Seeing Triple
Coco Rocha - Gentleman's Quarterly

Who will be eliminated? Who will move on to the next round? Who knows! Stay tuned to see who packs their bags and goes home.


Anonymous said...

awesome blog! :)

Anonymous said...

coco rocha looks amazing!!!